A Photo Competition is organized by the European Environment Agency. It aims at raising awareness about living sustainably and revolves around three related themes: sustainable food, energy and mobility. Send your photos before 15 May 2019!

(Rome, 3 May 2019) “Many of goods and services contributing to our quality of life and well-being exert pressure on the environment and global climate” states the European Environment Agency (EEA) organizing the photography competition Sustainably Yours.

The Competition is aimed at raising awareness about living sustainably. It could constitute a great opportunity for the MED Sustainable Tourism Community to highlight some of the sustainable solutions developed throughout its projects aiming at reducing tourist flows’ impact on the environment and the resources of their host countries.

Why not putting forward the alternative tourist strategies of ALTER ECOEMBLEMATICINHERIT, and MEDCYCLE TOUR, or the ones that are more focused on sustainable solutions for coastal areas and islands such as BLUEMEDBLUEISLANDS for waste management, the COASTING integrated coastal recovery and management tool, or the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) through CO-EVOLVE?

Tourist mobility and energy consumption are closely linked and the local resources are put under pressure by tourist flows. Photographs could be useful to warn on this issue but also to highlight the sustainable solutions developed in the Sustainable Tourism Community such as those of CASTWATER for water management, the ones of CONSUME-LESS to reduce the consumption of water and energy or the one of DESTIMED to create transformative travel experiences that generate positive outcomes for local communities, while minimizing the impact of tourism on local, natural and cultural resources.

As the EEA points out “we catch more fish than the seas can replenish” and the TOURISMED tourism offer based on sustainable principles for fishing could therefore be illustrated by such photographs competition. This could be also the case related to the MEDFEST culinary heritage experiences.

The Competition

Participants are invited to submit a photo ((long side at least 2000px, preferably more than 4960px) supported by a short text and following the guidelines in the Competition rules) relating to three categories: Sustainable Food (such as the impacts of the food system on the environment, sharing solutions to reduce such impacts....), Sustainable Energy (such as the clean energy sources surrounding us to prevent substantial impacts on the environment), and Sustainable Mobility (such as the opportunities and alternative ways for a more sustainable mobility).


The photographs are to be submitted through this form before 15 May 2019 at 23:59. It is possible to submit maximum 5 entries.


- citizens of the EEA member countries and West Balkan cooperating countries

- 18 or older

- picture taken from those mentioned countries

Selection process

Communication and environment experts, appointed by the EEA will select 30-50 finalists, who will then be submitted to an external jury composed of environmental communication experts from across Europe.


A prize will be awarded in each category and the winners will be attributed a cash prize of 1000 euro. Moreover, 500 euro will be offered for the Public Choice Award and the Youth Prize.


Submissions open: 25 February 2019

Submissions close: 15 May 2019

Public vote opens: 5 June 2019

Public vote closes: 15 June 2019

Winners announced: 19 June 2019


You can find more information on the competition here and ask further questions about this competition by sending an email.