Creating landscape CAMPSITES ON THE HÉRAULT COAST: Rethinking landscape planning

CASTWATER partner Hérault made a very interesting guide for sustainable green spaces in campsites.



At a time of threatened water scarcity, especially during the summer, and increasing demand from tourism for responsible hospitality, accommodation and leisure, outdoor accommodation providers must adapt by participating in the ecological movement.

Customers see plant life as a crucial aspect of the campsite environment. Plants not only provide a vehicle for biodiversity but also improve the site, border pathways, provide shade and maintain the privacy of each plot.

In recent years private and public operators have made a joint effort to redevelop their facilities with a view to overall water savings and plant maintenance as well as promoting the Mediterranean identity.

The Department of Hérault hopes this guide will help you with this eco-responsible approach.

This guide was designed and produced by the Department of Hérault with the participation of Enfora and CAUE 34.