A CASTWATER Info day in Murcia

25 experts in tourism and water amongo Universities, Public Authorities and companies met in Murcia to speak about Castwater, the beta version of the Online Tool for self-assessment on water management and to discuss about the economic and environmental consequences of: reuse, transfer, and desalination in the Region of Murcia.

The IEA Foundation has celebrated its "Infoday" event of the CASTWATER Project, on 28th of June, at the Ministry of Water and Agriculture of the Region of Murcia. A group of 25 experts in tourism and water in the Region of Murcia was gathered for this day. Prominent among them was the Local Group of Stakeholders, as well as diverse representatives of Universities, Public Authorities, entities in charge of the water supply, and some significant companies.

At the meeting, a report was made about the achievements and outcomes of the Project obtained to date, and also a discussion, at a debate table, on Economic and Environmental consequences of: Reuse, Transfer, and Desalination in the Region of Murcia.

The Foundation has also presented the beta version of the Online Tool, designed to promote the self-assessment of SMEs, stakeholders and organizations involved in the tourism sector, to monitor performance on sustainable tourism water management. The aforementioned experts have been able to test and validate the suitability of the CASTWATER Tool and make recommendations after all. The objective was to improve the tool before the dissemination of its final version.