Sustainable Management of Water Resources

The annual meeting for debating about the challenges and the opportunities on the water good management

Urban areas are growing larger. Following the UN predictions, by 2050, more than 6 billion people will live in cities. Considering the climate change issue, sustainable water management in cities is a challenge both at environmental level and at the economic-social one.

Water is an unique and irreplaceable commodity, but it has an important economic impact due to its needs for proper management, processing, transportation and distribution.
Water companies continue to struggle to design and implement effective water management systems. Obsolete infrastructures, the lack of incentives and know-how  and a scarce awareness are among the reasons why substantial amounts of water reserves are lost annually. The difference between the amount of water entering the distribution network and the amount of water supplied remains a challenge for all water distribution companies.
The impact of disruptive technologies and services, the collection and utilization of data, the implementation of control methodology and decision-making tools, offer a new landscape of opportunities in the field of water resource management.

In this context, the 4th Water Conference is the ideal platform and a great occasion for communicating and disseminating new ideas and solutions among water industry companies, public utility companies, local authorities, businesses and science for Sustainable Water Management Resources in our country.