Breaking the Surface – BtS

BtS is a summer workshop that encourages interaction and the exchange of knowledge and experience about the maritime robotics field and its applications

September 30th- October 7th, 2018 - Biograd na moru (Croatia)

The Breaking the Surface – BtS is an international interdisciplinary field workshop of maritime robotics and applications. Ever since 2009, it serves as a meeting place for international experts, univerity professors, scientists, industry representatives and students from various fields:

BtS has for the last 9 years brought together the world’s renowned professionals and has encouraged interaction and the exchange of knowledge and experience. The programme consists of:

  • lectures where latest scientific researchers and results are presented
  • field demonstrations which showcase the latest technology achievements made by research groups and companies
  • tutorials which offer hands-on experience working with complex and modern underwater systems

Since 2016, BtS also organizes an “Innovation day“, a whole-day workshop where robotics experts, ranging from acclaimed researchers to the leaders of successful robotics startups, will share their experience in commercializing robotics-related technologies with the rest of scientific community and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Registration and information: